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Dr. John Moore has been practicing in North Texas since 1994. He specializes in head and neck cancer and is considered a resource for other physicians in the area for difficult cases. In addition, he enjoys treating infants and children and makes sure their first memories of a doctor's office are not painful. Furthermore, he offers complete workups for hearing loss and tinnitus, with a licensed Doctor of Audiology right in the office.  

A long-time sufferer of severe allergies and sinus symptoms, Dr. Moore has always been driven to help others with these issues. As a third generation physician, he sees a need to not only make his patients better, but improve the way healthcare is provided. 

Dr. Moore serves as the President and CEO of TXCIN, a non profit collaborative organization for physicians that drives value and accountable care to the market place. He is the President and one of the founding physicians of NTENT. NTENT is proud to be one of the largest groups in the United States made up of Otolaryngology and Oculoplastic physicians who exhibit outstanding medical skills, excellent credentials, and excels in his or her area of expertise. In addition, Dr. Moore has served on the board since 2005 and assumed the role of Chairman of the Board from his father in January 2013.


Dr. John Moore, MD

Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist)